Scr888 Online Casino Free Bejeweled Slot Game

Scr888 Online Casino Free Bejeweled Slot Game

The Bejeweled slot game is based on the ever popular arcade-style game of the same name. This is a different take on the old type of Scr888 slot game in which it is more visually entertaining. As a Bejeweled slot player, Register Scr888 you will immediately see that the slot version is only truly similar to the original game in the symbols that it uses.

Not Only you can play Scr888 Slot Games in PC version,Scr888 also Provides Mobile version make you enjoy every where,every time !

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Bejeweled was introduced to gamers early in the year in 2001. The game developers, PopCap Games, launched the game for fans who were looking for a new way to get their puzzle fix. Bejeweled has been highly regarded as the most played puzzle game in the last decade. The original game has been downloaded over 150 million times and over 25 million hard copies of the game have been sold. Its popularity prompted developers to make numerous installments of the first game.

Bejeweled Slots

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Slot Game Tips of Scr888 Free Bejeweled Machine

The Scr888 slot machine game features a board with 5 reels and 15 paylines. If players can get matching gems next to each other in a spin, they are awarded with more coins and have the opportunity at a higher jackpot. The main pieces in the free slots version of the game are: a green square gems, a six sided orange gem, a blue diamond gem, a pink triangle gem, a studded crystal gem, a four sided yellow gem, a red square gym, and a beautiful multicolored circular gem.


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