SCR888 Casino Secret Admirer Slot Machine

SCR888 Casino Secret Admirer Slot Machine

This free slots bonus machine is developed by SCR888 Online Casino, the prime software platform. There are two modes to choose from: for real money and for fun. This fascinating freeslot has some cool features: a scatter and a wild symbol, free spins and a gamble and a super hold feature.

SCR888 Secret Admirer in iBET S888 =>

SCR888 Secret Admirer Slot Game description:

Glamorous gifts to lavish upon the object of your affection (along with shiny gold-plated high-value playing cards) gild the reels of this starry-eyed SCR888 slot game-Secret Admirer: roses and perfume, love hearts and diamond rings – who could refuse such attentions? And to make it easier to afford all of these things, there are wilds, scatters and free spins to put some coins in your account.

SCR888 Secret Admirer Slot Game description:

SCR888 Tips of  Secret Admirer Slot Game:

First there is the Mask, which is a wild symbol that can complete any winning slots combination. If you get an enabled payline with, for example, Cupid Pendant, Cupid Pendant, Mask, Cupid Pendant, Cupid Pendant, it will count just as if you had five Cupid Pendants. And that means you win 2,500 coins for every coin you bet on the winning payline.

SCR888 Tips of  Secret Admirer Slot Game:

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=>Download SCR888 Free APK Tutorial

Download SCR888 Free APK Tutorial

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